Now that you've written...

This past Saturday (8 June 2013) was a big day for many people who wrote a 200-question, four-hour exams on the path to seeking one of the professional qualifications of CISA, CISM, CGEIT or CRISC, offered by ISACA.

For each person, exam day was the culmination of a huge amount of studying, practising, fretting, and just plain hard work.  It required time stolen from work, family, and just about every other activity that is considerably more enjoyable than getting ready for an exam.  That's especially the case if you were experiencing springtime in the Northern Hemisphere.  (Fall is a much better time for exam preparation, so count your blessings south of the Equator.)

Now that exam day has passed, I wanted to pass along my best wishes to all the exam candidates.  You're done, so please take the time to enjoy yourself, in anticipation of the good news to come in a few weeks time.


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