I am contemplating pursuing a new profession in management of cyber security

I received the following email recently and the sender asks a very timely and important question, one that may be on the mind of many professionals, both within the audit/IT audit profession and those in tangential yet closely related and aligned professions.

Your thoughts and  comments, and further suggestions to the "sender" are always welcomed.



Dear Al:


I am contemplating pursuing a new profession in management of cyber security. I would like to obtain my CISA designation and shortly thereafter apply for CISSP certification.


Do you know of reputable training schools in my area that offer CISA certification? My main objective is to become cyber security independent consultant for government contractors.


I have been self-employed for 30 years in the financial and real estate industry. My academic background includes economics, international finance and business administration.


Any information that you can share with me about cyber security industry (i.e., employment opportunity, demand for cyber security specialist) will be greatly appreciated.




Doris (name changed for privacy compliancy)



Hi Doris:


Thank you for your email and inquiry regarding the CISA and CISSP certifications.


To my knowledge, there is no one company in your area specializing specifically in CISA examination preparation training.  Basically there are many companies that offer a combination of online, classroom and webinar related courses.  There are also a vast quantity of textbooks that are designed to assist one in preparing for both the CISA and CISSP examinations.

It will be best to note that no one course, text, company or individual can logically and realistically guarantee that you (or anyone) will pass a certification exam.  Success in any such environment/examination will depend greatly upon the breadth and depth of one's knowledge of the examination's subject matter and on the appropriateness and adequacy of one's preparation.

To your objective of sitting for the CISA exam, locally in your area, I would suggest contacting the closest ISACA chapter (www.isaca.org) and emailing the Chapter education officer or Chapter president.  Your local ISACA chapter may offer a CISA prep course for both members and non-members.  This course may be offered on multiple, consecutive weekends or a multi-day, week day program, preceding the next exam date (Sept. in select cities, and Dec. globally, exact dates can be found on the ISACA web site).

If the local ISACA chapter isn’t offering this boot camp, exam prep opportunity, you may wish to check our site [http://training.50msc.com] as we continually post upcoming training and professional exam prep, boot camp programs, which are offered globally by our experience and certified trainers.

For CISSP certification exam preparation, a similar reply...check your local area by searching for CISSP boot camp programs and you may be delighted to find several to select from, within driving distance to your office or even a course offered online.

The cyber security field is "hot" to say the least and it probably won't cool off for quite some time, if ever. Given the state of a globally wired world, cyber security is going to be an in demand profession. 

On the same point however, there are a multitude of "areas" which make up the cyber security profession, it would be advisable to investigate these various "areas" and select one or two to concentrate your focus and hone your expertise, rather than attempting to spread yourself thinly over the entire field of cyber security.

As far as employment in the cyber security field, once obtaining the basic skill set in an IT field and/or IT security field, certifications are good but, experience is better.  You may look to start in an IT audit position building up to a security role. 

I suspect that a quick examination of the trade publications for the IT security profession, or contacting a local IT employment recruiter, would yield further information on potential employment opportunities in cyber security within your geographic area.

Doris, I wish you well in your further career pursuits and success in becoming certified as a CISA and CISSP.



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