CRISC Overview

Course Description: 

Risk evaluation and management is an important part of any internal audit. From understanding key risk concepts, to assessing IT management's handling of risk, to identifying and responding to our own audit challenges and risks, the internal auditor typically must have strong risk management skills.

That's why ISACA's newest designation, "Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control" (CRISC), has a great deal of appeal to internal auditors who are looking to expand their career horizons and credentials.  There is a natural and broad intersection between the skills required for internal audits and those for risk assessment and response.  As a result, many internal auditors may find the CRISC a desirable and ideal target for their next professional designation.

During this one-day session, we'll work through the CRISC's five domains, which include:

  • Risk Identification, Assessment and Evaluation
  • Risk Response
  • Risk Monitoring
  • Information Systems Control Design and Implementation
  • Information Systems Monitoring and Maintenance

You'll gain a complete understanding of what's required for the CRISC based on ISACA's 2015 Review Manual. By the end of the session, you'll be in a good position to evaluate whether you'd like to challenge the exam to obtain your CRISC.

Along the way, we'll review risk management topics that are essential to IT management and internal auditors. So even if you're not contemplating writing the CRISC, you'll receive a thorough foundation in its highly-regarded approach to risk and internal control management.

Key topics: 
  • Overview of the CRISC
  • Background on the exam
  • Comparison / contrasts with other ISACA designations
  • Review of key risk topics via exploration of all five CRISC domains
  • CRISC questions and answers
Course Objectives: 

After completing this course, you'll have a good understanding of risk management and internal control responses, an appreciation for what the CRISC designation is about, and insight as to whether you're interested in writing the CRISC exam.

Course Length: 
1.0 Day
Intended Audience: 

This course is intended for internal auditors wanting to review key risk management concepts, and for those with an interest in knowing more about ISACA's CRISC designation.

Learning Level: 
Suitable for those new to the topic
Instructional Method: 
  • In-class lecture with experienced instructor


CPE Credits: 
7 Hours