CISA / CISM Exam Preparation Tip #1 -- Read and Practise


For those of you preparing for one of the upcoming ISACA exams, I’d like to offer two small bits of advice I always tell participants in my preparation classes:

  1. Read the Review Manual.  The material in each Review Manual is core to their respective exams.  While questions aren’t confined to material in the Review Manuals, they are typically built on the concepts and techniques described therein.  You must be comfortable with the material.
  2. Do practice questions.  The CISA and CISM exams are challenging tests of professional knowledge and ability, but are also a test of your ability to carefully read and parse both the questions and multiple-choice answers.  Many candidates choose what they think is the best answer, only to find out that they chose incorrectly because they misread a key word or turn of phrase.  The best way not to be caught out this way is to practise, practise, and practise some more, using the test questions available from ISACA.

Knowing the material is crucial.  But so is getting practice with the style of questions and multiple-choice answers offered on the exam.  Doing both will dramatically increase your chances for success.

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