About 50 Mission Security Consortium (50MSC)

Welcome to Training @ 50MSC — a unit of 50 Mission Security Consortium, and a unique and powerful combination of skills and expertise from five respected professionals:

  • Don Caniglia — ITRisk Management Services, LLC
  • Barry Lewis — Cerberus-ISC Inc.
  • Al Marcella — Business Automation Consultants, LLC
  • Craig McGuffin — C.R. McGuffin Consulting Services
  • John Tannahill — J. Tannahill & Associates

Each partner offers his own blend of experience in the field of computer controls and security.  Each combines in-depth technical know-how with sound business abilities, yielding proven track records of practical control and governance solutions.

Together, our veteran practitioners have over 100 years of experience in all sizes and types of computer and network environments.

And now, the members of 50MSC, each with a world-wide reputation for their high quality professional seminars, are combining forces to provide you with timely and practical information on the control, security, and audit of today's advanced computing environments.

Our commitment is to provide you with an enjoyable educational experience that benefits both you and your company.

About Our Name

During WWII, veteran flight crew members could be recognized by their battle-worn appearance. A "50 Mission" cap or jacket reflected their bravery, and became one of their most prized possessions. They may have looked worse for wear, but they were readily identifiable from those with less experience. We hope our name — 50 Mission Security Consortium — serves as a symbol of our experience; and perhaps an excuse for our appearances.