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Surveillance Cameras in Your Neighborhood?

I have been following the recent debate among my neighbors the past several weeks regarding a proposal to install surveillance cameras at strategic intersections throughout the neighborhood.


Given the recent uptick in the increased, individual awareness of exactly how much privacy we (at least we here in the good ol’ US of A) do not have, any movement to further encroach on an individual citizen’s privacy is bound to polarize a populous be it a neighborhood, city, State or nation.


CISA Examination Question Analysis - Encryption

In preparing for the CISA exam, one important area of review, which many auditors and exam takers find challenging is encryption.  While no one knows exactly the concentration nor the number of questions in any exam, which may be dedicated to this subject, one can be very certain that questions on encryption, given the topic’s role in security and internal control, will be on the exam in some form.


I am contemplating pursuing a new profession in management of cyber security

I received the following email recently and the sender asks a very timely and important question, one that may be on the mind of many professionals, both within the audit/IT audit profession and those in tangential yet closely related and aligned professions.

Your thoughts and  comments, and further suggestions to the "sender" are always welcomed.



Dear Al:


I am contemplating pursuing a new profession in management of cyber security. I would like to obtain my CISA designation and shortly thereafter apply for CISSP certification.

IT Strike Force: Establishing a Cyber Forensic Response Strategy

"Mathias Thurman,” a real security manager, whose name and employer has been disguised for obvious reasons, wrote in the May 21st (2012) edition of Computerworld that an administrator, during a training session with an employee, on how to manage the organization’s antivirus infrastructure, while reviewing the reports of machines with infected files, spotted what appeared to be a very suspicious .mov file.